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Bring those old Shotguns out of the safe and back into the field.

Today, the cost of ammunition is making shooting our much loved shotguns unaffordable.  The past few years has seen the demand for ammunition outstripping supply in countries like the USA.  This has put pressure on the cost here in Australia.  These facts are compounded by the weakening of the Australian dollar and the manufacturers turn their focus on higher profit, higher demand products.

I recall not so long ago when I paid $11 for a box of 410 ammo.  Now, in parts of Australia, that same box is $24! 28 Gauge is not much better and you might find a box of 20 Gauge around the $16 mark.  I have not seen any 32, 4 or 8 Gauge in some time.

So, what do you do? Leave that old favourite in the safe for good looks, or bring them back to life!  With our ever expanding range of Shotgun adapters, we now can cater for those old legends.  We make to order custom models to them back into the field without breaking the bank.

Want to see more, check out our Shotgun Adapter page for more information and Hot Offers.


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