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Stil Crin

Stil Crin - Manufacturer of Italian quality gun cleaning accessories since 1979


Stil Crin, an Italian company founded in 1979, has been producing top-quality gun cleaning accessories for over four decades. Its three founders had a brilliant intuition for ideating and manufacturing cleaning accessories for hunting, sporting, and military guns. Thanks to its family-structured organization, the company has always emerged as a leader in the industry, ensuring high-quality products, fast service, and assistance.


Continuous staff effort, coupled with technological innovation, has enabled Stil Crin to increase production quantities without compromising on quality levels. Located in Pavone del Mella, in the province of Brescia, Stil Crin is strategically positioned, just 40 km away from Valle Trompia, the world center of gun manufacturing. This proximity has allowed the company to collaborate with major gunsmiths, gaining valuable insights to make its accessories better and testing them directly on different types of weapons.


Stil Crin manufactures 95% of its products in-house, while the remaining 5% of packaging materials are sourced from Italian suppliers. The company's policy is to carefully select suppliers and goods that strictly originate from Italy and Europe. Stil Crin's range of products includes brushes, rods, various complete kits (from economical to deluxe), gun cases, target holders for air-guns shooting, lubricants, snap caps, sights, slingshots, and gun locks.


You may not be familiar with the Stil Crin brand, but it's highly likely that you've already used their products. As a leading provider of gun cleaning products to the firearms industry, Stil Crin's products have been re-sold under various other firearm manufacturers' names.


Gun maintenance is an essential aspect of gun ownership. Proper maintenance not only ensures that your gun performs reliably when you need it, but also prolongs its lifespan. Basic maintenance includes regular cleaning and lubrication, which helps to prevent rust and other forms of corrosion. With Stil Crin's top-quality gun cleaning accessories, you can ensure that your gun is always in optimal condition. Whether you are a professional shooter or an enthusiast, Stil Crin's accessories can help you achieve the best results and maintain the safety of your firearms.  Oz Gun Mart carry and extensive range of Stil Crin products and you can find them at:


Here is a short video showing some of Stin Crin’s products and their manufacturing process: