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Redding Reloading Equipment

Reloading Equipment Proudly Manufactured in America on American Machinery Since 1946 for rifles, handguns, pistols, revolvers, custom dies, bullet casting equipment, powder measuring and weighing equipment, bullet seating dies.

Since 1946 Redding has provided the reloading marketplace with innovative, American Made products of the highest quality.

Reloading is our only business. We are not just a small piece of a large corporation, so we are committed to producing the best possible products.  Over the past fiveyears we purchased and installed in 12 new pieces of American Made CNC Machinery to keep pace with rising market demand. In that same period, we completed a major facility expansion allowing us to increase our warehousing and distribution operations to keep pace with today's growing reloading market. It has also allowed us to add  even more new CNC Machining Centers,  thereby further increasing our commitment to our growing group of loyal customers throughout  the USA and around the world.

We are proud to continue our path of growth here in rural Upstate New York, where we create good jobs and opportunity by building and selling our American Made reloading products throughout the world. We have a large number of veterans in our workforce and are pleased to have those who served, as a critical part of our growing team. We are equally proud to serve you, our customer who understands and appreciates that important difference as well.