Update Challenger Press to New Linkage

Author: Lee Precision Product Team  

Upgrade kits for Lee Challenger Press

If you are interested in updating your pre-2006 Challenger press toggles to the steel version currently found on our Breech Lock Challenger Press, these are the parts you will need to purchase:


(1) Ram Pin - OF3221 http://leeprecision.com/ram-pin-step.html
(1) Lever Clamp - OF3613 http://leeprecision.com/Press-Lever-Clamp.html
(1) Washer - OF3609 http://leeprecision.com/1-3-16-steel-washer.html
(1) Bolt - FO2113 http://leeprecision.com/1-1-4-5-16-18-bolt.html
(2 required) Steel Toggles - OF2853 http://leeprecision.com/bl-challenger-toggle.html

Please keep in mind, the old primer deflector of 1992 will NOT fit on the new Challenger. 

Instructions available on how to make the changeover